July 25, 2007


Just heard this on my way back home.Absolutely loved it!!!Geee..How did I miss listening to this before!!!

I lie awake on a long, dark night

I can't seem to tame my mind

Slings and arrows are killing me inside

Maybe I can't accept the life that's mine

No I can't accept the life that's mine

Simple living is my desperate cry

Been trading "love" with indifference yeah it suits me just fine

I try to hold on but I'm calloused to the bone

Maybe that's why I feel alone

Maybe that's why I feel alone

Me..I'm rusted and weathered

Barely holding together

I'm covered with skin that peels and it just won't heal

The sun shines and I can't avoid the light

I think I'm holding on to life too tight

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Sometimes I feel like giving up

Sometimes I feel like giving up

Me...I'm rusted and weathered

Barely holding together

I'm covered with skin that peels and it just won't heal

The day reminds me of you

The night hides your truth

The earth is a voice

Speaking to you

Take all this pride

And leave it behind

Because one day it ends

One day we die

Believe what you will

That is your right

But I choose to win

So I choose to fight

To fight!!!!

July 4, 2007

Weight To Go Baby !!!!!!

We are a small team of about 7 people at work here in Delhi, headed by Ashish and we proudly call our team “Ashish Mishra & Sons”.

Anyway, the boss just recently got tested for a teenie weenie stone and the buzz word in office then was “health”, “diet”, “green veggies”. Totally motivated the four of us viz. Rajesh, Sachin, Ekta & Me, decided to try and shed some extra pounds too.It felt easier coz there’ll be less sumptuous food on the table during lunch hours.We short listed on the GM Diet Plan.

To mention here Ashish was already on his controlled diet, and the other two left Ajay & Pallavi were already eating nutritious food & were well in shape respectively. So they decided not to join the bandwagon. Ajay did try to break us a lot of times! Grrrrr….

Oh Boy! Was it tough, to not get lured. Let’s just see how it went.

Day 1

The day of fruits. King Apple, Mangoes, Melons, Water Melons etc..Not that nice!!!

I wasn’t really sure if we’d actually be doing the diet, so I did have some fruits in the morning but didn’t get anything to work. But coming in I saw everyone carrying truck loads of it. We shared. We ate. The day went by. So much for my sweet tooth, I ended up having a tooth ache. Ekta got us an alternate plan which seemed easier but we kept it for the next time. Ya Right!!!

Day 2

Veggie Land…Everything that’s lean & green!!!

The perfect way to start the day was with a baked potato with some salt. Oh! Did I mention we all ended up craving for some salt the previous day. For hours during the first half, we only talked bout the “Potato Feeling”. Lunch hours, everyone had got some permutation of the available veggies. Ekta – a little bowl of mixed baby corn & mushrooms & some cooked matar. Sachin – weirdest combination of Bhindi cooked in Mustard Oil, which didn’t sound tempting but was quite nice. Rajesh – Was hilarious when he first took his portion out. It was this huge casserole of mixed veggies which were awesome. I like always a little bowl of mixed veggies. For hours I couldn’t figure out what made the whole thing sweet. I shortlisted “Gobhi” and struck it off my menu list forever.

Day 3

The best of both worlds. Fruits & Veggies

This wasn’t easy too. Rajesh to mention, wanted to give up the diet because of eating out the previous day. We give him the benefit of doubt. It was a Saturday which went off fine. Some friends came home, ordered pizzas, breadsticks…But I controlled. Not tough but I didn’t like the whole feeling of being on this diet. Nevertheless I continued.

Day 4

Not Just Bananas, But Milk Too…Eeeww!!!

8 bananas & 3 glasses milk. Some permutation and the day went by. I gave in to the temptation of cholas mum had made, and had two spoons. And the feeling was o@$g^&*c.

Day 5

The plan said it’s Feast Day. So much of it for the consumption of 6 whole tomatoes & beef (2 portions, 10 oz. each). Uh! Who needs them anyway.

We had found both veg (me) and non veg (Ekta & Sachin) alternatives to the beef.


For the non veg eaters, it was chicken

Like me Ekta also gave in to the temptation & had Chicken on Day 3. And Sachin got a little mixed up with the alcohol consumption schedule and had 3 Whole Glasses of Beer on Day 4. It was official, Rajesh had given up the diet plan on Day 3.

Clock struck 12. The boxes opened. I loved the chicked Ekta made. My guess on the recipe:

- Marinate the chicken in Ginger Garlic paste for about two hours.

- Cook it in dhaniya and tomato and less spices.

It was awesome. I succumbed to the temptation, though I am not a chicken freak. Sachin got chicken stew. I ended the day with a bowl of curd. It was fine for my taste.

Day 6

Unlimited Beef & Vegetables

Normal day. Ok Food. We were desperately waiting for Day 7. When we’d finally end this & have Brown Rice & Juices. Yum!!!!

Day 7

The "D" Day !!!

Brown Rice (Its organic rice @ about Rs. 50/kg. Easily available at Khadi Gram Udyog) & Juices (Not necessarily vegetable but good fruit juices)
Sachin – Broke the rules finally. Had Fried “WHITE” Rice & Manchurian & a pastry just a few hours later.
Ekta - Got brown rice, stuck to the diet. She went by fine. So did me! I went a shopped a kurta of a lower size, just to try if I’d fit in. And I did !!!

Day 8

All Happy & Gay (Well, Not Literally)

Me – 3.5 kgs less & I fit back to one size less.

Ekta – 2.5 kgs less & an inch. She fits back in her old pants too.

Sachin – claims to have lost 6.5. His belt is loose. But…I have my doubts!!! Anyway so much for the effort put in. We’ll try & believe him.

So there we were concluding our seven day diet. So to say “Saat Din, Tummy In”. Time for celebrations. We all are going out for lunch to celebrate Pallavi’s birthday which was yesterday (Belated Wishes to her. Stay Healthy!). We all feel healthy and nice & it does work!

Some key things to remember for all those who want to start:-

- Don’t give up mid way. It’ll end sooner than you think. And end of it you’ll feel great.

- Drink Lots of water (about 10 glasses each day). And as the plan says increase your consumption on Day 5.

- Whenever you feel a little weak drink some water or just grab a bite. Remember the key to this diet is you shouldn’t be empty stomach.

- Go to the gym or go for a walk. It’ll just add on to the result.

- You’ll feel hungry earlier than the regular eating hours. So make sure you have ample quantity for the day.

- The days will seem longer. But look forward to the next day, cause you’ll have something better to eat than the previous day.

- You’ll talk a lot about food. But that’s ok. Its just after seven days that you’ll be able to eat it.

- Try and rope in people. It just makes it easy to go through the day.

- Don't start consuming spicy food instantly after the seven day process is over. It might cause a lil trouble.

Anyone who wants an insight into this diet, please google for details. The post has gotten too big now, now, now!!!

May 1, 2007

The First Year...

Finally completed an year with IMI. Have never completed an year before anywhere...Yeaahhhh....Wooo Hoooo!!!

1) Lots of ups and a whole lotta downs.
2) Made few friends. Good ones though!!!
3) Learnt Learnt and Learnt...Good & Bad!!!
4) Have/Had the most amazing managers. Never knew reporting wud be this easy and fun!!!
So Far, So Good...Gearing for the next one!!!
P.S. Bosses if you are reading this, you know what its time for..........

April 24, 2007

No Fusion...Only Confusion!!!!

Well, I am very appalled by people who very confidently come and tell me - “There are no two ways about it”. And with a dazed look all I can think of is How Come??? Why Not??? Is it just me??? Can I think beyond the ordinary and see the two ways people cant?Before you read on – I’m not writing cause I’ve gone through tremors or am sulking. If I think about it, I don’t have a reason to write per se…

Moving on…I’m a very ordinary girl, have had a very normal childhood, spoilt kid at home, spoilt by friends…a total brat (Yes!! I am quite happy about being one). My confusions don’t stem from the incidents or accidents in life, they are there cause I am there. Over the years, I have developed this extremely abnormal urge of doing everything I can, an abnormal urge of being the best. You’d probably be thinking, “Dude, What’s abnormal? Half of the world claims and dies to be close to a perfectionist”. You’d probably understand in a whil.

I am very intimidated by people who do better than me. The people will include my closest friends, my family, my siblings, and acquaintances. I don’t mean bad for them, but I always strive to reach where, people I know are. At every step I compare myself with them, evaluate my achievements (Joy! Am I glad that there’s no formula to calculate it), keep questioning if what I am doing is eventually going to take me where he is…is there something better that can be there. Precisely dig the out the two ways.

In the whole process, I overlook the difference in circumstances. I know the differences exist but am not ready to acknowledge. All I can think about then is “How come they're better than me?” And am ready to leave everything, just to be there. I contemplate every step I take, and I contemplate the whole while, even after the decision-making is done. You can call it stupidity…you can call it foolishness.

The two-sided thinking doesn’t end here. Today I’m in love with an absolutely fantastic guy. But there’s a fear to commit to him…You probably can guess why…Funny eh!!!It’s some pondering which happens every day and that’s where all the confusion starts and there has been no end to it...BELIEVE ME, NO END!!!!!!It was only the other day that I was trying to reason out this attitude with myself. And I probably got close to the answer.Till some years back I had different beliefs and ideologies. Just lived my life, put in the best at what I had. I could never understand the need to manipulate.

But this change really occurred once I entered my under graduate school. I largely associated with a lot who had dreams, who had ambitions…were ready to manipulate things as much as they could…wouldn’t think twice if they had to run down someone, just to get things going. Their personalities struck me at once - And before I knew we were all FRIENDS. I could see the change in me. I was no longer that girl who wanted to live her own dreams by putting in the best. I wanted to be like all of them – manipulative, secretive … you know the likes.I forgot no matter what happens PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE, THEY NEVER HAVE AND THEY NEVER WILL. So how could I…I despised them, but had to be with them, when required. We partied, went out, had all the fun…but could never be F.R.I.E.N.D.S.(Remember the song “I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too”).

By the time I was a Graduate, I could see through them. They were so loosely transparent.In a way I am glad I met them. I have grown and have become stronger.I crave to be like them, to survive today, to grow in the so-called “BIG MEAN CORPORATE” world…but I know I can never be. Not because they are extra ordinary, but because that girl who lived for herself is still alive. It doesn’t sound that abnormal now…does it????

April 18, 2007

I Start Blogging...